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I stumbled across State of Play and I just finished episode two and I can't even tell you how much I want to marry this show. John Simm is in this one, plus some talented non-Who actors like Bill Nighy, Kelly Macdonald, and David Morrissey (who was in Blackpool with David Tennant.) There's another Who actor: the slutty secretary in the office is, I'm pretty sure, Martha's friend in Human Nature.

But anyway, I can't stop watching. I'm only taking a break to drag out this experience as long as possible and to keep my sanity. LOL.
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SG1 - Jack & the Gate

Doctor Who in Dungeons and

Ok... this is rather funny and I totally forgot about it, until last night, that is.

Last night, my DH and I decided to watch our old VHS (yes, an actual video TAPE lol) of the movie Dungeons and Dragons (yes, he and I are D&D rpg geeks).

Well, I TOTALLY forgot that Tom Baker was in it for one scene! He actually played an Elf, a healer at that and has a few lines even lol

I remember the very first time my DH and I watched this movie...gawd, like 6 years ago?...and as soon as we saw him, we looked at each other, laughed and was basically like "OMG Doctor Who is an Elf!!!"

Well, that was my 6 degrees moment that I wanted to share and add to the list lol
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DWM: hug

Casanova: a fangirl's perspective

And you, sir, just consider; you love your wife. I love your wife! Aren't we both on the same side?

Honestly, I'm surprised there hasn't been a post about this wonderful show yet.

For those who don't follow David Tennant and jump on everything he's ever done: Casanova is another one of Russell T Davies' babies and boy does it show. It aired in three hour long episodes in 2005 and stars David Tennant and Peter O'Toole as young and old Casanova respectively. I admit that this is the reason I decided to watch Casanova and I make no apologies for it.

Dubious fangirl logic aside, Casanova is well worth the watch. Assuming, that is, you like Russell T Davies and David Tennant. The storylines and sheer fun, but with darker sides as the episodes go on means this whole series wouldn't feel out of place in Doctor Who itself. If you're a historian and craving accuracy then run away right now, this show will make you twitch. If you're after laughs, groans, David Tennant and possibly even some tears, depending on how weepy you are; then this is the show for you.

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Complete list of Who cast & crew (I could be here a while, tell me if I've left anyone out)
Russell T Davies - writer and executive producer of both
Julie Gardner - executive producer of both
Murray Gold - music
David Tennant - Casanova and the Doctor
Shaun Parkes - Rocco (Casanova's servant) and Captain Zach (The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit)
Nine Sosanya - Bellino (Casanova's lover {one of many}) and Trish (Fear Her)
Annette Badland - Pauline (an English prostitute) and Margaret Blaine/Blon (Aliens in London/World War Three/Boom Town)

RTD likes to reuse the same people? Whatever gave anyone that idea?

As I said above: if you're a fan of new Who, this one's unmissable. It's so similar to Doctor Who in the general feeling although the issues are less about alien monsters and more about love and sex. It's rated 15 (US equivalent: R) for a reason, folks.


For those who have  seen it (there must be one somewhere... surely?) what did you think? I am aware I am a fangirl so I'm interested into what anyone else has to say!
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The Tomorrow People (no spoilers)

The Tomorrow People, like most British skiffy series of a certain age, shared a lot of guest actors with Doctor Who, and a young Peter Davison was in one story in 1975. There are two slightly mocking, recap-reviews on my lj: one for the Davison story, A Man for Emily (SPOILERS including the ending); and one for Revenge of Jedikiah (SPOILERS but not for the ending or the most shocking plot twist), which shared two guest actors with Who (details at the top of the review).

Spoiler-free mini-reviews

A Man for Emily (3 episodes, 1975) is silly, fun, extremely cringeworthy, and the dvd has a commentary which Davison fans seem to like.

Revenge of Jedikiah (3 episodes, 1975) is a much more serious drama and I found it over-expository but it's only as cringeworthy as most other 1970s, ITV, children's television. Although I thought the slightly ridiculous ending didn't live up to the promise of the second episode.

Worth watching if you're a Davison fan; a Tomorrow People fan; or if you have free time to spare, access to the dvd, and you like that sort of thing which I'm assuming you do because you're reading 6degreesofdrwho. ;-)

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Tuesday seems like a good day for a poll.

Which show from the classic era of British science fiction TV would you most like to see brought back/redone?

Blake's 7
Sapphire and Steel
other (please comment!)
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Tripping Over

Hello all! I was searching for info on Alexandra Moen, who played Lucy Saxon of course, and came up with a show she was in called Tripping Over. I haven't watched any of it yet, so I can't tell you what I think of it. But you can see all the episodes minus episode #5 online here.

Plot Outline:
Tripping Over is a Australian/British co-production which is set Australia, England and Thailand. It centres on a young man (MacPherson) who travels around the world while his mother recounts her own travels in her younger days.

I actually just watched a few minutes and if nothing else, you can see Lucy in her underwear! lol
Doctor Who

Bob & Rose

This is an excellent miniseries written by Russel T. Davies about a gay man, Bob (darling Alan Davies from QI), and a straight woman, Rose (fantastic Lesley Sharp from also RTD's "The Second Coming"), who fall in love and the consequent rejection they suffer from their friends. Six episodes of possibly RTD's finest work. It's moving and funny and Bob and Rose make a charming and sexy couple.
A few squees for Doctor Who fans: Bob's mom (you'll LOVE her) is played by Penelope Wilton (Harriet Jones) and she talks about Hannibal crossing the Alps! Also, Bob's best friend is played by Jessica Hynes (Joan Redfern in Season 3, an interesting role reversal ;)).
If you search for "Bob and Rose" on  you can see the episodes via streaming and/or direct download. *wanders off whistling*
A a sidenote, thanks for the "Takin' Over the Asylum" recommendation y'all. Loved it! "I don't have to conform to the vagaries of Time and Space. I'm a Loony for God's sake!" Hee!